AQLEM Mission

AQLEM, Inc. is a non-profit organization headquartered in the State of Indiana, operating in multiple states, and through different regions in the world!

AQLEM has a global mission focused on improving the quality of life for people, communities and respective organizations through the advancement and emphasis on the integration of knowledge, skills and technologies.

AQLEM, Inc. welcomes individuals or organizations supporting our mission to volunteer or partner with us!

Our Services

AQLEM provides a vast range of services, however, Education related services and educational advancement top the list.

Educational Consulting / Training

AQLEM provides the world-class educational consulting and excellent training to educators, organizations, and individuals all over the world. We have extensively experienced trainers as well as the best ever faculty from prestigious Universities and Institutions ready to help you with expert advice on an array of topics.

Student Placement into US University

Students who desire admission in one of the highly reputed US universities to earn an accredited degree for a promising career, now can consult AQLEM to pursue their dreams. By following the best and cohesive working strategies and utilizing a pertinent focused approach, we have proven unique methods to gain student placement in most of the highly recognized US universities.

Residential Summer Programs

AQLEM aims to proffer an exclusive platform where students not only gain innovative education, but also can exhibit their skills and talents. For this purpose we offer STEM With Purpose, short-term residential, educational, cultural and fun-filled Summer programs at prestigious American universities and global business corporations.

Organizational Training and Consulting

AQLEM can help you enhance your organization in technologies, processes, and human resources. AQLEM pioneers in creating organizational structures and teams which are adept and goal achievers.

Educational Causes

AQLEM, Inc. is a non-profit American organization and, in alliance with our mission of advancing education around the world, we dedicate ourselves to non-profit educational causes in underdeveloped countries.

Software Solutions

AQLEM pioneers in providing custom built Software and IT solutions. Tired of outsourcing and testing your patience on projects that are late or not usable? Look no further than AQLEM!

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Who we are

Through various initiatives, AQLEM aims to serve as a true global catalyst to boost synergy between people, communities, public and private organizations as well as various government agencies, in order to provide practical education that has a direct impact on solving societal and world problems.

With an enduring dedication to the pursuit of excellence, AQLEM (USA) "seeks" to build national and intercontinental ties with institutions, businesses, communities, public and private agencies interested in combining forces for mutually inclusive social, economic, and cultural benefits.

  • 2009-2014

    Our Humble Beginnings

    A. Yunis, CEO AQLEM, had been working as an entrepreneur in many multi-national firms and organizations as well as Start-ups. However, his dream was to work for a cause which would enhance people's life to make this world a better place and that day we believe AQLEM was actually born!

  • January 2015

    Ideation to Physical Existence and STEM-Local

    AQLEM was proud to start its physical existence at NIIC, Indiana, with the initiative known as STEM With Purpose. Initially, STEM With Purpose started its local operations known as STEM-Local for American students, which later, expanded internationally.

  • FEBRUARY 2015

    Non-profit Status

    AQLEM was proud to acquire 501(c)(3) non-profit Status.

  • June 2015

    Women’s Economic Opportunity Center Grant

    AQLEM was proud to help NIIC, Indiana achieved the Small Business Administration grant. NIIC was one of only six companies to achieve this accomplishment.

  • SWP logo

    September 2015

    STEM With Purpose International

    STEM With Purpose started functioning internationally with strong footings in Europe and Asia.

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Our Visionary Leadership

A. Yunis

Executive Director

DeAndre' Powell

VP STEM Outreach Division

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